BIN JAMAL Fitness Center

The Modern Arts of Taekwondo Fitness and others

The Bin Jamal TaeKwonDo Fitness Centre was established in 2008 by Master Mohamed Bin Jamal.

Bin Jamal has been involved -academically and practically- in TaeKwonDo since 1988. He participated in different competitions in Bahrain and have presented The Kingdom of Bahrain abroad with remarkable achievements. Moreover, he is one of the few International Referees in Bahrain who been awarded as Best International referee in many championships and also participated in over 6 WT World Taekwondo Championships, as well Asian Championships, and other Games levels. 
Furthermore, Bin Jamal holds academic certificates in coaching and self control. His training combines traditional martial art teaching, self defense and sporting aspects for everyone (male, female, young, adult).

Used wrongly, TaeKwonDo can be a lethal weapon! Therefore mental training is a MUST!  This will prevent the student from misusing TaeKwonDo and promote a strong sense of justice, fortitude, humility, and resolve.